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How to Improve Your Conversion Rates with Live Chat Software?

Adding the online chat software on your website is one of the most effective ways to enhance good communication with visitors. With such an improvement, you will be able to build trust and develop confidence in your customers through your live chat support agents thus making them to purchase more.

As an advanced instant messenger, it can improve your conversion rates by enabling you to track your visitors in real-time. Besides, you will be able to generate traffic to your site that will lead to more conversion.

Below are ways you can employ live chats to improve your conversion rates:

Video chat with website visitors

One of the features of the live chat software is the video chat. Using this feature, visitors will be able to see and talk to your support agents in real time. Such communication increases trust when people know they’re talking to a real person. In turn, trust increases the possibility of web visitors buying from you.

Enhance a voice calling experience

Use a live chat app with a voice calling facility as a new dimension to your customer support agents. With this tool in place, your customers will not be required to wait endlessly for the support to respond but will simply make live calls by just clicking on the button. This will enhance an amazing experience that will make them want to purchase your products.

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Provide an instant support

Provide your clients with prompt access to a live support agent right while they're on your website. Install a proactive chat in your website chat software to target specific visitors using sound effects to invite them for a chat session deliberately. This will prompt them to start chatting without much delay, making it easy for a support agent to answer their questions about specific services or products.

Offer your visitors a quick response

By offering quick responses to your customers, you will be making a positive impression to their minds and thus increase your company’s reputation. As such, the software will increase the word of mouth about your customer services, thus leading to more conversions.

Leverage on customer stats

By using the visitor analytics, you can easily identify customers who have been comparing different offers, or who have spent a long time on specific pages. You can then tailor the chats to address their needs, increasing the possibility of closing a sale.

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Integrate the email forwarding feature

Develop a long-term relationship with every customer that uses that visits your site. To achieve this, enable the email forwarding feature so customers can be emailed a chat transcript or leave an offline message. Once you’ve their email, it’s easy to set up a sequence of emails that might prompt them to make a purchase later on.

Add an auto trigger system to your website

Incorporating an auto trigger will serve as a unique way to automate proactive chat imitations . Generally, the system will make your messages to pop in front of your visitor automatically. Such messages can prompt the customer to start a conversation.


While using a live chat software, you can improve the efficiency of your support team and keep your visitors happy with fast response. Besides, it can enable you to analyze the behavior of your customers so that you can interact in a more personalized and targeted way.