Apr 29, 2018 3

3 Industries Where Using Online Chat Software is a Must-Have

A 24X7 accessibility to your customers is one factor that can make or break your business. Imagine the incalculable frustration of a customer who is struggling to get in touch with a customer care representative of your company to have a query addressed or a problem solved; but all he or she gets is an automated message to wait in the call-queue or call later. Most likely, customers are going to shun your products or services sooner or later. That is why; it is a sensible decision to have 24X7 chat facility added to your website.

So, which industries should use online chat software for an enhanced customer service experience? Ideally, all industries. Because no matter which type of business do you deal in, how you make your customers feel and address his or her issue is vital to its success. But, there are some industries wherein improved communication with the customers matters even more. Let’s take a look at the industries where an online live chat facility is a must-have.

● Telecom: Telecom industry has been thriving at an exponential rate. This means, more number of customers joining in every day and increased requirement of improved customer services. Through the live chat services, you can not only provide a quick solution to any technical or non-technical issues (bills, payment, plan-details etc.); but also promote new services and offers introduced by the company. Further, open and clear channels of communication through live-chat services are even more important when a customer is travelling to another state or country. He or she may need assistance to use roaming and international calling services at a new place.

● Banking and Finance: This is the industry where people have invested their hard-earned money and inaccessibility may lead to distrust among customers. After all, customers need transparency and want to be sure that their hard-earned money is in the right hands. Further, in the age of online banking which lacks human interaction, it is imperative to have some kind of channel of communication so that the customers can reach you when they need.

● E-commerce: E-commerce seems to be expanding more rapidly than before, and this has resulted in a plethora of options for the customer. So, every time a customer is unable to reach out to you to have a query solved, he or she is more likely to switch to another website with an interactive user-experience. Online chat services in the e-commerce industry not only results in better customer-relations but may also result in more number of closed deals. Being there to provide customers with the relevant information about the products may be effective to prevent customers from labandoning carts and then delaying or cancelling their purchase decisions.

One more benefit of using online live chat services, which is pertinent across all industries is getting useful insights. Chat records are a good way to find out the needs and interests of your customers. These chat records are can help you understand what you need to add to your business to retain existing, and to get new, customers.