Jun 20, 2018 14

The Do’s and Don’ts to Follow While Buying Personalised Number plates

Over the few years, personalized number plates have gained immense popularity in the automobile industry and allowing you the best opportunity to make your vehicle stand out with the unique number plate. Generally, drivers expect to pay top dollars to avail their favorite number plate in most countries. However, the reality is, it is possible to get affordable personal plates, other are definitely at the top end of the price scale.

In today's world, the driver is limited by the letter and number combinations that are available to use on their car, so finding a special personalized registration plate at a price that suits and fits your needs. But, there are few things that you need to remember while buying a personalized car plate including:

Do Define your Budget in Advance

Buying a personalized license plate can get quite expensive. The most desirable plates are sold at auction directly from the DVLA and they sometimes turn up again on a dealer's site. The authorized dealers then conduct a car plate auction and allow you to pick your favorite number plate at the discounted price.

Don't Be Rigid

Once buyers set a budget, it is important to stick with the personalized number plate options they can afford. Being inflexible can cause trouble for buyers as it may make them feel as if they have to break their budget in order to get their favorite number plate. According to experts, it is the worst strategy to buy a personalized number plates.

Do Pick A Right Style

Since personalized number plates are going to appear on both the front and back of the car, it is important to carefully set the numbers or alphabets. Some buyers only want the most expensive license plates to use it as their status symbol whereas some drivers simply want to make their vehicle look unique.

Don't Ignore the Fees

The DVLA usually charges an assignment fee and an add/ change details fee on all personalized license plates. The assignment fee is used to assign a plate to a vehicle. The add/change charge details fee is used in transferring ownership, so be prepared because the fees might be bit expensive.

Upgrade your vehicle and add more value to your cherished car by simply choosing the right number plates that perfectly fit your vehicle, budget, and taste.