Apr 06, 2018 11

Important Things To Know Before Personalising Your Number Plates

Many people love to drive their car with the personalized number plates to grab the attention or to add more value to their luxurious car. No matter whatever the reason is, getting the personalized number plate is quite expensive and tricky task. In order to help you personalized your number plate with your favorite set of numbers or alphabets, this blog has listed few suggestions for you.

Searching and selecting your favorite number plate is quite difficult as already there are millions of people are approaching for the same set of numbers. In that case, customizing your number plate with your choice of numbers can be bit expensive option. To make your task easier, you need to enter your initials or name or something you desire that you would like to add to your number plate. Once you spot a number plate that impresses you, just click on the same to check reviews and take another step accordingly.

Aside from that, here are the few basic things that you need to remember while choosing personalized car registrations plates:

1. The Name

One of the most common font styles that have been used to develop the number plates is called "Charles Wright" font. The font was used on many old style number plates before an updated version was used which is called "Charles Wright New".

2. Spacing

Generally, the personalized number plates fonts are monospaced. This means that every character is of equal height and width. You can further check for the specific dimensions. Make sure you are using uniform spacing while customizing and set the exact gap between each character.

3. Size

As mentioned that personalized number plates are monospaced so make sure you carefully follow the pattern to avoid rejections. All letters and numbers are the same height and width. A character must be 50mm wide and 79mm tall. In addition, the thickness of each stroke on the character must be 14mm.

While customizing the number plates, you can choose your choice of numbers and alphabets, but there are certain formats, font styles and spacing that you need to follow to avoid such penalties.