Mar 21, 2018 4

5 Tips to Consider When Buying Personalised Number Plates

Buying personalised number plates can be overwheming, especially when there are so many to choose from. And it’s pretty exciting at the same time. Why? Because you’re ready to give a unique and stunning makeover to your vehicle.

Even getting personalised number plates will make you stand out from stand out from the crowd. These plates will catch the attention of onlookers making them curious to know more.

However, there are five important tips that you need to consider when buying the right personalised number plate for your car:

1.Set a Budget for Yourself - While it may seem captivating to shop around for that personalised number plate you’re looking for your vehicle, it’s important for you to keep in mind that you’re going to choose an item that costs an arm and a leg. Considering this, you must set yourself a budget.

Make sure you stick to the budget. You have a budget for a reason. So don’t you deviate yourself from it, or else you’d find yourself in a chaotic situation. You may feel that you should break your budget to acquire the best place but this should not be the case.

2.Consider the Fees to Pay - Needless to say, you need to pay fees for personalised number plates. The DVLA (short for Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) charges an assignment fee. This is used to assign a plate to a vehicle and not to mention, for adding or changing details when transferring ownership.

Even though the fee remains standard, it can be quite expensive if you have a limited budget. So, it’s important for you to keep this in mind.

3.Giving a New Look to Your Vehicle is a Strict No-No - The DVLA does not approve personalised number plates which people generally use to make their vehicle look new than it already is. Thus, you should avoid doing this at every cost.

When you’re buying a personalised number plate for your car, don’t you forget you can assign the plate to a vehicle of the same age, or older than the current registration? Well, you can certainly make your car look older, but the other way around is strictly not allowed.

4.Consider Other Options As Well - While it’s comprehended that you may have a particular private number plate in mind, it’s good to take other options into account. What if the plate you choose has already been taken by someone else for their vehicle? And if this is the case, the plate would not be available for at least three years from the date of purchase. Moreover, the owner of the plate can get it renewed as many times as they like.

Keeping this in mind, you need to consider some variations of your chosen combination (letters and numbers) instead of focusing on getting a plate in particular.

5.Go for the Style with Personal Appeal - When you buy personalised number plates, it’s true that they will make your car look appealing, but it’s crucial that you should feel good too. Of course, you want to make heads turn when you get that awesome private registration plate, choose the one you like. Get a late that means something to you.

So these are some essentia tips that you must take into consideration when buying the right personalised number plate for your vehicle. They will help you make the most feasible choice that you’ll cherish for years down the line.