Jun 27, 2017 146

This fish is mine !

“I stay away from the other seagulls. They always yell and brawl over scraps. Barbarians without manners, that is what they are. I despise those fools fighting for anything they can find in the old port of Essaouira. Chunks of dead crabs, guts of dogfish or even eel heads. Nothing is bad enough for them. Not me. I am a sophisticated bird. I prefer the delicacies of real and whole fishes. I need them with the delicious filet. Nothing else will do. I have been watching this fisherman for a while now. He is about to throw just what I am waiting for. A complete fish just for me. Here he is. I will have to be fast. Once I catch it, they will be all over me, as far as the eye can see. I don’t care. This fish is mine. Come and take it from me. Just try.”