I am a San Francisco native muralist and jewelry/clothing maker. I make art because I want to create beautiful things.

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I am a San Francisco based artist, jeweler, and clothing maker. I was born in New Zealand to a German-Canadian mother and an Indian father and grew up in San Francisco, Hawaii, Australia, and Switzerland. While in San Francisco we lived in the Mission District (where I now currently live as well), and my love of art and drive to create was fed by the colorful walls of the Mission's murals.

Since moving back to San Francisco 4 years ago I have painted three murals on Clarion Alley, an alley in the Mission with murals painted on every wall, and one of the most famous sites to see murals in the city. Having grow up in the Mission it is still pretty surreal to me that I have a mural there. Fun fact, one of my murals is in a scene of the new Netflix show Girlboss!

In addition to painting murals I also sell jewelry, hand printed scarves, marbled coasters, clothing, and more at a few stores in San Francisco as well as online.

I make art because I want to create beautiful things. I focus on faces because they show the beauty of emotion and hands because they enable me to create.

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