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How To Use A Glass Blunt

What Is A Glass Blunt?

The days of rolling up a blunt on a piece of paper seems like a distant memory these days. This is because a glass weed blunt does practically the same thing only in a more convenient, economical and eco-friendly manner.

So what is a glass blunt? Well, a glass blunt is a device that is used to smoke products such as weed, tobacco leaf and other dry herbs. It is a better alternative to the traditional way of rolling up a blunt and saves users valuable time. Now you can smoke your preferred herb with an easy to use glass weed blunt that is also affordable and highly cleanable.

If you are an outdoor person who is constantly mobile, but you desire a taste of your favourite herb from time to time. With a glass weed blunt you will save yourself from the inconvenience and time spent rolling up a blunt. It is a quick, convenient and stress-free way to smoke your desired dry herb.

How To Load A Glass Blunt

The basic mechanism of the glass weed blunt works like a rolled up cigarette with the difference being that it loads herbs in a transparent glass tube rather than in paper. The glass blunt will also eliminate the ash generated from the burning herb during use. This will ensure that users will take in fresh draws at all times. Loading your herb in the glass blunt would depend on what loading system your glass blunt uses.

Your glass weed blunt may come with either a twist or slide loading mechanism. For the slide system you have an inner tube that is capable of sliding from front to back while in use. To load the tube with you preferred herb, just slide the tube back and then load the chamber with the herb. You can then light up, start to inhale and enjoy your herb. While in use and with the herb burning you can eliminate the ash by simply sliding the inner glass tube forward. The inner tube is like an ash-tray which will need emptying once it starts to fill up.

For a glass weed blunt using the twist loading system you have a screw similar to a cork screw. To load your herb all you need to do is to use this screw to twist and push the herb into the glass tube. Once this is done you then light up the end and enjoy inhaling your favourite herb.

To eliminate the built up ash using a glass weed blunt with a twist mechanism all you need to do is turn the screw in the other direction (or opposite direction). The herb is then push upwards with the ash moving downwards. What's great about this is that you can still keep smoking the herb without having to reignite it while at the same time the ash is eliminated.

Process of loading dry herb in twist glass blunt

how to use a glass blunt

Cleaning Your Glass Weed Blunt

There is nothing more irritating than a filthy glass weed blunt. If you want to keep you device clean at all times you can try this cleaning tip for both the slide and twist mechanism device.