May 23, 2017 8

My First and Only Camera, Sony DSC WX50.

I met this little beauty on 26th June 2013. And i'll celebrating my 4th anniversary with my beloved camera in a couple of weeks.

The amount of thrill I got as soon as I saw an ad where it read I can share my Sony story was amazing. But instantly I was saddened by the fact that I could not find my model in the search tag. I had to tag my camera model with product URL and i was disappointed by that. So sad that Sony forgot it's own masterpiece.


The first time I saw the world through a viewfinder was when I was about 14 years old. From then I always wished that I had a camera of my own. But there were reasons I couldn't afford, but I never gave up, finally one fine day I got a camera for my self, I was 22 then. The feeling was awesome. I never felt sad that I got a low end camera, I was so glad and delighted that at least I had one.

As a beginner, still I am, I was fascinated with whatever I clicked. I was just boasting at myself for my clicks. Tell me who wouldn't boast about their work when they get their first gear. Yes I was so much addicted to my camera. I used to carry it to all the places since it could fit in my pocket. I used to click every random thing, but less saw it as a photography back then. I used to click just people in all the occasions.

My first clicks

When I looked back at these pictures I could not find a soul, a mood or an inspiration. They were all just some things that everyone would see often. I never gave a different perspective of nature. That is when I realized I need to change the way of my photography. That is when I started to look at the nature and the situations around me like an artist. An artist who imagines his outcome even before he starts his work. I should tell you this did not happen in a split second. It took several months to see the nature in a different way.

Next stage of My Photography

I know these photos are not great, but they gave me a boost that I can do even better but the only problem was the limitations I had with my camera. I had to overcome them. So then i decided that i will do something unique. Something so simple yet captivating. That is when I started to click sunset. By sunset I know what others see, a sun and a landscape. But I added my own perspective of sunset. And here are my collections.

1. This is a sun above a pillar giving a perspective of lamp.

2. A perspective of cannon firing a Sun.

3. Sun Lamp Post.

4. The Heart.

5. It doesn't matter how much you give.

6. My Heart.

7. Wheel's On Fire.

8. Okay One more!

 9. Slam Dunk..!!

10. That's my key chain...

11. Sun throung a Key Hole.

This is one of the works that i got lot of appreciation

12. That's a Yummy Lollipop.

13. In Action

14. Floating Key.

Here i have not used any photoshop, it's authentic click.

15. No Spell

16. Let me just blow my bubble gum.. ;)

17. The Brightest Pearl

18. The Eye.

19. OK...

20. The Messenger...

If you are wondering sunset is the only photos I click here are my other collections.

There is one important thing, I DON"T USE LIGHTROOM OR PHOTOSHOP for MY CLICKS. They are completely RAW images unedited.

At the end of this there is something good and bad i want to share.

I get a lot of appreciation for my work from my friends and it make me so much happy. And at the same time, my work is not accepted for few display because the resolution was bad. And i cannot help with that, I'm using a low end model and i can give nontent not clarity. 


To all those people who are reading my story thank you for your time. I'm considering to upgrade to a DSLR but because of budget restrictions i'm still here and there are lots of ideas that i want to click but it is not at all possible in my camera. Soon i'm hoping to get one SOON.