Jun 13, 2017 22

The Open Hand Monument

This hand-made replica of the 'Open Hand Monument' has been made from recycled discarded antique teakwood procured from old furniture of the Chandigarh city.


The replica of this monument serves as an enduring reminder of the ideals of the legendary architect, Le Corbusier; of the capital of Chandigarh, India, and its people.

The 'Open Hand Monument', an architectural marvel designed for Chandigarh by Le Corbusier, stands gracefully at a daunting height of 26 Meters above the ground level, in the Capitol Complex of the Chandigarh city in India.

Weighing short of 50 tons, this metal structure with veins was designed, to move with the direction of the wind. The official emblem of the city, the ‘Open Hand’ looks like a dove and co-incidentally is a symbol of peace too, the philosophy of which is ‘Open to give-open to receive’.

About the Maker:

For a man who has seen the city of Chandigarh in India evolve since its inception and chronicled it over the years, Suresh Kumar is a proud owner of the archival collection of images of Chandigarh. One of the first professional photographers in the Chandigarh city, he is also an avid collector of umpteen vintage cameras that document the journey of the camera, which he proudly exhibits in his studio.

Keeping his passion for the old alive he ventured into recycling old pieces of discarded and broken antique teakwood furniture into various artefacts.

This ‘Open Hand’ is a fine replica and a humble tribute to the Great Master Architect Le Corbusier – Un Salut au Maître.