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ASICS Quantum 360 shoes


Pronation is part of the natural movement of the human body and refers to the way your foot rolls inward for impact distribution upon landing. Understanding your pronation type can help you find a comfortable running shoe. ASICS GEL-Quantum 360 is made for Under, Neutral.

How Your Foot Contacts the Ground:

outer side of the heel hits the ground at an increased angle with little or no normal pronation, causing a large transmission of shock through the lower leg

Push Off:

pressure on smaller toes on outside of foot

Foot Type:

high arches

How Your Foot Contacts the Ground:

foot lands on outside of the heel, then rolls inward (pronates) to absorb shock and support body weight

Push Off:

even distribution from the front of the foot

Foot Type:

normal-size arches


GEL runs deep! High performance with no equal, ASICS introduces the new GEL-Quantum 360 – engineered for a high octane ride with 360 degrees of GEL Cushioning technology! Designed for the athlete demanding the ultimate in performance and endurance, with unmatched GEL cushioning that is built to outlast the competition. The discrete construction of the full length Trusstic System delivers support and a spring-loaded ride to power through each workout. The advanced FluidFit upper is nearly seamless, constructed to provide strategic support so the only thing runners will notice is how great their feet feel while running in the GEL-Quantum 360. Weight: 11.9 oz. Heel Height: 22mm. Forefoot Height: 12mm.


REARFOOT AND FOREFOOT GEL® TECHNOLOGY CUSHIONING SYSTEMS Attenuates shock during impact and toe-off phases, and allows movement in multiple planes as the foot transitions through the gait cycle.


ASICS FluidFit® upper technology combines multi-directional stretch mesh with stretch reinforcements that adapt to the athlete's foot, creating a truly customized glove-like fit.


Exoskeletal heel counter provides improved support and creates improved heel fitting environment.


The use of seamless materials reduces the potential for irritation and friction caused by traditional stitches and seams.


Reduces the weight of the sole unit while retaining the structural integrity of the shoe.


A lighter weight midsole compound than ASICS standard EVA and SpEVA® midsoles. Also features enhanced cushioning and durability.


This premium sockliner features higher rebound properties while providing excellent moisture management and a high-level of breathability (Ortholite is a registered trademark of ATP Manufacturing LLC.)


This lasting material features plush underfoot comfort while providing excellent moisture management and a high level of breathability (Ortholite is a registered trademark of ATP Manufacturing LLC.)

                  The technology in this product

There are a few things about this shoe that make it super comfortable: 360 degrees of gel make it Asics’ most cushioned shoe ever. That gel is topped by a cushioned sockliner, giving the shoe an ultra plush feel when you first put it on. Additionally, it has a slightly narrow heel which makes you feel locked in.

Although technically a neutral shoe, the Quantum offers a really stable ride thanks to a full-length trusstic system; it was certainly enough support for my overpronated foot, but wouldn’t be overwhelmingly stiff for a true neutral runner.

The shoe features a seamless upper – ‘asymetrical fluid fit,’ they call it. Basically it offers a sock-like fit that is snug and secure where it needs to be (midfoot) and open where it needs to be (toe box).

If you’re looking for a shoe to mix into your everyday lineup with some extra cushion – perhaps a shoe for the day after a hard workout – the Quantum fits the bill.