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Cool & Practical Home Interior Design Hacks

Life hacks are cool and a lot of them are referring to home décor. Let us find out how they make your home organized and more practical. We have listed many hacks that are suggested by the interior designers to design a home.

Have an entryway cabinet for keys

It is the story of every house to lose keys and then waste time in searching for them. It is not always possible to keep the keys in a safe place sometimes we miss it. So, if you do not want to run behind your keys, install a cabinet near the entry gate. By doing so, your keys will be safe and you do not have to waste time looking for the keys.

Convert a ladder into a shoe rack

If you have an old ladder and you are getting any use of it, simply make it a shoe rack. You can keep the ladder at the desired place and no transformation will be needed. This is one of the best ideas suggested by the interior designers to reuse the things and design your home.

Turn teapots into vases

There are people who are creative enough to reuse things at home. You may have teapots which no longer is suitable for serving tea, but that can be definitely used as a beautiful vase. Therefore, if you like to design and decorate your home either hire interior designers in Hyderabad or do it by yourself. There are some people who are enough talented and creative minded that they can design their house without a helping hand of interior designers.

Turn necklace into a tieback

Check your jewelry boxes and you may get some necklaces that you have stopped using since so long. You can use those necklaces to tieback curtains in your home. Believe me, they really look so nice ad and give a glamorous touch to your home décor. Hire interior designers in Hyderabad to transform your home within a low budget. Nifty Interio, one of the top interior designers in Hyderabad uses latest and creative home interior designs and offers the best interior design services to the customers.

Hand curtains with command hooks

While hanging curtains, we need to drill holes and then fix the curtains. But the case is not same with command hooks. They make life easier. Not only this, but they also look good and have a nice design.

Paint the side of the door

  1. It is really a delightful idea to paint the sides of the doors with vibrant colors. You will get to see it only when the door is opened. It is a unique idea that you can follow to make some small but effective changes in your home interior design. Also. To get the best interior design services, hire nifty interio which is one of the best interior designers in Hyderabad.

Paint the sides of the drawers

You can also paint the sides of the drawers which bright colors that make them look great. Hire top interior designers in Hyderabad to get customized interior design services.

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