Wine Access pages to Enhance with Maker

Adding Maker's Enhance to your site allows you to elevate the content on important pages instantly.

Critical pages with stagnant content can be enhanced easily with Maker to include more compelling, engaging content that will increase engagement and conversion on site.

Here are the top pages we recommend for adding Enhance:

1. Wine Buyer's Guide Pages

The existing content on the Wine Buyer's Guide pages (including category, winery, region, and varietal pages) are blocked by limited and text heavy content. Use Maker's Enhance to add compelling, truncated stories for each page, increasing their value, engagement and conversion. 

Example region page container to Enhance with Maker
Example varietal page container to Enhance with Maker

The same Enhance code can be used to elevate all of the Wine Buyer's Guide pages.

Where to start:

  1. Most popular regions/varietals/categories
  2. Regions/Varietals/Categories with the best stories and existing content at hand

2. Product Pages

Use Enhance to redesign top selling product pages with stronger visuals and a more compelling layout. The stories can remain truncated to give the consumer a sneak peek of the bottle's features on first glance, and a more in-depth review on expanding the container. Again, the same Enhance code can be used on any product page, enabling you to create and publish stronger product stories as the content becomes available. 

Example PDP container to Enhance with Maker

Where to start:

  1. Top 10 selling SKUS
  2. Products/Vendors with the best stories/existing content at hand