The Basics:

  1. Create your story and tag your favorite Sony products.
  2. Post your story and share it with the world. 
  3. We'll notify you if your story wins the contest or has been selected to be featured on

The Breakdown:

Step 1

Click on the "Share your Sony Story" card featured on

Step 2

Title your story and add supporting text, photos, videos or Instagram posts.

We offer a diverse range of features to enhance your story. Here are a few that you might want to use:

Adding a photo from your computer

Hovering over an image  will show different option you can use to style your images. You can add a grid of photos, make your photos full bleed, replace photos, delete photos, change photo size etc. 

You can make your photo full bleed by clicking the sideways arrows. 

You can add a grid of photos by clicking on the grid icon. Once you have the grid setup, you can add photos to it. You can change the layout of the grid by adding, deleting or replacing photos, making the grid full bleed etc. 

To change the size of the photo click on " drag to reorder". Use the blue handles on either size of the image that appear to change the image size. Once you sized the image, click back on " drag to reorder". 

You can also add a Video to the story by copy and pasting the link to a video. 

You can search and add media from sources like Youtube, Twitter, Instagram etc. using the media panel on the right. Click on the search icon to open up the media panel on the right. In the media panel, search the video and click on link to add it to your story. 


Along with the photo and media options, we have a text editor to help personalize your story. Just highlight a group of text to make the editor appear.

You can wrap text around images by selecting images to be placed in the center, left or right of the text. 

Step 3

Tag your Sony products (camera, lens, etc) at the bottom of the story. To do so, open the media panel on the right by clicking on Sony icon at the bottom right. Type in the name of your equipment in the search field and it should appear for selection. Clicking "Tag" will tag the product at the bottom of your story and clicking "Add" will add it in the middle of your story. 

Step 4

Click "Post" on the top right corner.

Step 5

Sign up for your Maker account. You can use your email or your Facebook or Twitter account. 

Step 6

Share your story on your favorite social sites and increase your chance to win! 

You're all done!

We'll notify you if your story wins the contest or has been selected to be featured on