February 28, 2018 

New Features

Multiple Select  - Need to move multiple elements at once? Just click CMD (for Mac users) or CTRL (for PC users) before selecting multiple elements with your mouse in an advanced grid. Then move all elements in one go. You can also use keyboard controls to get the placement pixel-perfect.

Link product  - Use the link product option to directly add products from the media panel.

Campaign cookies  - Ensure that any users who visit your campaign will see the same consistent variant. To use this feature, just toggle the "Set Cookies" options in campaign settings and select whether to enable cookies based on session or time. 


Advanced grid refactoring - We've made our advanced grid performance even more awesome. Things we improved: speed, load time and responsive editing.

Shopify real-time search - If you use Shopify for your CMS, your product catalog will now sync in real-time with Maker's media panel. No more manual syncing needed.

Responsive Keyboard controls - Use keyboard controls to precisely set grid layouts on tablet and mobile (in addition to desktop!). 

Loading 3rd party scripts with GTM - Enable third party trackers to load inside Maker's content using our workflow here.

Review existing features in our Partners Only Support Center.