JEGS pages to enhance with Maker

1. Brand Pages

Existing brand pages have limited content about their respective brands. Using Maker to create a more compelling brand story for each brand page will improve overall engagement, aesthetic and conversion. 

We can enhance this space with compelling brand content. 

2. About Us Page

Use Maker's editor to redesign the About Us page with stronger visuals and a more compelling layout. The same Maker story can be repurposed for every JEGS brand page and JEGS branded product. 

Current 'About Us' page on can be redesigned in Maker.

Enhance brand page headers, starting with the top 10 brands by traffic. 

The 'About Us' Maker story can then be used in the space marked above. Also brands can be invited to enhance their own brand stories.

3. Parent Pages

Using Maker to enhance the Parent Pages headers with richer content, increasing engagement and conversion for these collections. 

Enhance Parent page headers with Maker 

4. Deal Pages

Maker can be used to enhance the deal pages on site to lift overall engagement and conversion.