Converting an AI file to PSD


  1. Switch from Essentials to Classic
  2. Click on "Release to Layers (sequence)"
  3. Manually clean up any blank layers and delete them from the file - delete whatever layer the end user isn’t going to see
  4. Select all sublayers and drag them to the first layer so they are all in the same level and not nested
  5. Click on File → Export as→ PSD
  6. Use "Artbox"
  7. Where it says "Write layers" make sure to select all options = preserve text editability & maximum editability
  8. Under Anti-alias options, select Art optimized Super sampling
  9. Make sure the resolution is selected at 150ppi
  10. Name and save the file


  1. Open the new PSD file in Photoshop
  2. Clean up the layer organization (Section 1, Section 2, etc)
  3. **Group any image with adjoining shapes into one layer so they reduce proportionally on breakpoints (convert as smart object on photoshop, not 'flatten image')**
  4. Click on Image → image size → enter size of the breakpoint needed (1200px, 480px, 320px etc) - ensure the width and height proportions are linked and set in pixels
  5. Save the PSD


  1. Log-in to Maker
  2. Create a new story
  3. Give the story a title
  4. Click on the PSD icon on the left side panel
  5. Click Upload PSD
  6. Select the saved PSD from your files
  7. Once uploaded in Maker (please note: this may take up to a minute, while it's processing you will see a blue Uploading... button) click on "ADD"
  8. Your PSD will now be uploaded to Maker
  9. Refine the story and lock aspect ratio for all image / visual elements needed
  10. Click on the breakpoint icon on the top right (device icon) and select Tablet
  11. Make any adjustments or refinements needed on tablet