How Wine Access uses Maker to power their membership funnel and critical category pages

As a growing wine-retailer that builds deep connections with its featured winemakers, Wine Access needed a cost-efficient solution to bring their retail content-marketing vision to life. With a variety of category headers, blog articles and landing pages to enhance, Maker's technology enabled their marketing team to push enhanced content at a rapid rate and at a significantly lower cost.

In the first year, Wine Access created over 140 pages of content with Maker, over 50 of which are still live on their site. Using Maker's Photoshop conversion technology, their designers have created engaging, media-rich PSD files that were easily converted into fully responsive web pages. 

Overall, Maker's technology has significantly increased their production rate while saving $50,000 in production costs. 

Over 50

pages enhanced 


avg. wine club CTR 


production savings 

Thanks to Maker our marketing teams are unleashed to easily create rich multimedia experiences without code, enabling our engineers to focus on larger business initiatives. These experiences drive engagement and loyalty that are critical to sustainable growth. Without Maker we would struggle to do this at scale.

AJ Resnick, VP Wine Access

About Wine Access

"The world's finest wine is made in limited quantities. Finding them is the hard part. That's what we do."

Wine experts have tasted over 20,000 wines in the curation of Wine Access' online collection - of which only 3% were selected. Quality over quantity runs deep in this wine retailer's ethos. Integral to their mission is elevating the culture and craft of winemaking, rather than the margins and middlemen. By shaping and sharing the stories of their wines and winemakers, Wine Access aims to take us all to extraordinary places, beyond our own expectations and even comfort zones: 

"It’s time to bring wine, wine lover, and winemaker together. To replace exclusivity with curiosity, and pretension with delight. To create a richer experience in every bottle, and ultimately make every day more meaningful. " 
“At Wine Access we love wine, and we love connecting people with extraordinary wine and the stories behind them. Maker give us the ability to do this.

Their Goal

Streamline the production of premium content, without incurring IT development costs

While implementing a site-wide rebrand, Wine Access' marketing team aimed to elevate the content on these key pages:

  • Wine Club Landing Pages
  • Blog pages
  • Store category headers

Using Maker's re-usable templates and PSD to conversion technology enabled them to iterate premium content across countless pages at a fraction of the expected cost and turnaround time.


Use Maker's reusable templates and PSD to HTML conversion technology to publish premium content site-wide

Maker's versatile and easy-to-use editor enabled Wine Access' marketing team to publish elevated content to their key storytelling and category pages, as well as to their email marketing manager. With reusable templates and powerful PSD to HTML conversion technology, Wine Access has published 17 enhanced landing pages, 7 enhanced blog articles, 28 enhanced category pages and 20 HTML emails. 

For their wine club specifically, their marketing team has used Maker to publish premium content to every step of the conversion funnel, including their sign-up page, welcome page, payments page, monthly club announcement pages, and marketing emails.

In total, Wine Access has created over 140 pages of enhanced content with Maker, including over 50 that are still live onsite. The average production savings of the published content with Maker is $47,000. 

Enhanced Content Examples

Explore a selection of Wine Access's pages enhanced with Maker

Key to Success

Enhance each template on your most important marketing revenue funnels

In addition to using Maker to enhance blog articles, category headers, key landing pages and emails, Wine Access took full advantage of Maker's platform to enhance every template of their Wine Club funnel. From lead gen, to sign-up to monthly communications, Wine Access pushed richer content to one of their most revenue driving e-commerce funnels. Keep in mind - creating and re-using templates is key to reiterating rich and stunning content as often as needed.