Your Content, Elevated. 

What we do


Maker is the first creative platform that helps online retailers and brands enhance existing websites with compelling content, dramatically increasing engagement, conversion and revenue growth.

Maker radically simplifies the production process of high-end content with zero code, development cost or risk.  

A best-of-breed solution 

in one easy-to-use platform. 

With more choices and content available than ever before, brands and retailers know that offering products through online stores isn’t enough. They must engage customers with rich content & storytelling on all channels, or risk irrelevance.

We help brands engage with their customers with visually stimulating, customer-centric content that drives sales and unique brand experiences

Why we do it


Liberating marketing and design teams

from start to finish.

About Maker 

Maker was founded by Bhanu Sharma, a design veteran who has built rich-publishing and delivery platforms all of his life, starting with his first startup Wanadu (sold to Cisco), then at Macromedia, Adobe and Skyfire. 

Noticing that most CMS' were built for IT instead of marketing and design teams, Bhanu created Maker to eliminate the high cost and frustrations of content production and enable brands to drive their own visually stunning, revenue generating content on all channels.  

We remove the technical skills required to create truly stunning content, and give you the keys to source, publish and analyze revenue driving experiences on every channel.

     Bhanu Sharma, Founder & CEO 

Empowering brands and retailers worldwide. 

Our Investors 


Backed by leading institutions including SV Angel, 500 Startups, Global Brain and Moffu Labs.

Individual investors hail from Square, Facebook, Google, Adobe, Visa, AirBnB, LinkedIn, eBay and more.