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Your Guide to Different Types of Spanners

The usability of a spanner or wrench is well known and it is probably a tool that is used by everyone at least once in their life. What they may not know is the different types of spanners that are available in the market. There is generally a comprehensive list of spanners that can be used in homes or industries.

Different Types of Spanners

There are several types of spanners available in the market, but the main and most used ones include the Double Ended, Double Ended Ribbed, Single Ended Open Jaw, Ring Spanners, Slugging Open Ended, and Slugging Ring Spanners. One can get a Taparia spanner set price of Double Ended spanners and Ring Spanners, which should suffice for normal use. The main difference between a Double Ended and a Ring spanner is that the Double Ended, as the name suggests, has two different sized heads on either end. The Ring spanners have a ring that completely encompasses the fastener, unlike the Double Ended ones that only cover about half of the fastener.

Double Ended Spanners

A Taparia spanner set of Double Ended variety consists of 8 to 12 spanners of varied sizes. These are open ended on both sides, with U-shaped ends. They are best used for tightening nuts and bolts that are otherwise hard to access.

Ring Spanners

Ring spanners, also known as box ended spanners, are usually designed to completely fit onto a hexagonal shaped object. Because they cover the entire area of the object that is to be screwed, they provide better grip and do not round-off at the edges, which sometimes happens with open ended spanners.

Slugging Open Ended and Ring Spanners

The slugging open ended or ring spanners are the ones that have a strong flat surface on one end and a regular spanner or ring spanner on the other. They are built for more of an industrial use, as they can be hit with a hammer on the flat side for more turning power. They are used for seal-packing nuts and locknut wings.

There are a lot of different spanners ,wrenches and taparia screw driver set price available and can serve all purposes, be it industrial  improvement.