Jul 11, 2017 19

Fire over Crater Lake

My name is illy and I love to take road trips. I live in California and travel with my dog Jett, who is my partner in crime! I've driven with him to 7 National Parks so far and several National Monuments. I have been road tripping to Oregon for the past decade, and one of my favorite stops is Crater Lake National Park. It's the only National Park in Oregon and one of the prettiest I've seen. On my most recent drive up I stopped there to shoot sunset and sunrise. I had never been up there in the snow which was a bucket list item for me. As tradition would have it, there was not a single cloud in the sky. I took my shots and kept driving north to capture some of the amazing waterfalls Oregon has to offer. After spending a week driving around I started to make my way back to California. I decided that my last night should be spent at Crater Lake again to enjoy more snow with my dog Jett. To my delight there were a few clouds here & there, but about one hour before sunset the sky was covered in dark storm clouds. I didn't know if they would burn or if I was going to get rained on that night. As the sun started to set it was obvious the clouds were going to light up, and boy did they ever! I have never seen a more intense sky, and i've seen a lot! I started screaming thanking Mother Nature and kept snapping on my a7. Oddly there was not a soul in sight, everyone had left the park early because it was very windy and about 30 degrees. I'm very excited that I was finally able to witness such an incredible sky over one of my favorite places.