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Benefits and use of Silt Density Index

Silt Density Index (SDI) is the entrenched measurement of the number of suspended solids and collision material in the water. It measures the rate of occurrence of fouling in the water purification system. SDI dealers in Delhi NCR use nanofiltration membranes and reverse osmosis to deal with the problem. This measurement should be followed in routine for the purification of feed water.

How to measure Silt Density Index?

It is important to check the water purifier for collision materials and suspended solids regularly. The Silt Density Index is measured using a micron membrane. It provides the measurement of fouling impact in water purification system.

Is it reliable to use Silt Density Index?

It is very important to know the authenticity of Silt Density Index to measure the level of water purification. It is most widely used to check the fouling possibility of NF membranes and RO system. This method is very easy and also used in large-scale treatment plants. Also, there are some limitations in using Silt Density Index as they are not able to measure natural organic matter fouling which is very important in creating membrane fouling. It is crucial to perform Silt Density Index test at a certain temperature. If temperature differs then the result of SDI also differs.

Are there any Silt Density Index kits available?

SDI dealers in Delhi NCR offers these types of SDI kits:

Auto SDI kits:  These kits have push-button feature and are fast and simple SDI that are less costly and consume less time.

• Manual SDI kits:  These kits are widely used as they specify the particulate quantity in the water.

• Sepa Membranes:  Huge selection of reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes.

• High Foulant System:  This system is designed for quick retrieval of the membrane.

Benefits of using SDI kit

•  It assures maximum performance of RO systems by checking that the water is within the admissible limits.

•  It figures out if any pre-treatment required before system design.

•  It is built in a portable case for onsite testing.

Timely SDI assessment gives the capability to choose economical and absolute water treatment solution.

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