Ian James is a leather goods brand that handcrafts various types of bags. All products are inspired by color, geometry, and a classic sense of style.

My Story

I decided to start an accessories line after making a few basic totes for family members and myself. The experience of evolving rudimentary shapes into a three dimensional utilitarian form was quite exciting. The Ian James brand began in early 2013 with small canvas pouches and minimal totes and evolved into a full collection of handbags, travel items, small goods, and more with the help of a very supportive customer base.

At the heart of my designs are strong geometric shapes. I try to infuse the casualness of my Southern California upbringing with the East Coast structure to provide a unique yet functional collection. The cotton canvas and genuine leather enhance the performance of the bags while attributing to the clean aesthetic.

My brand is very personal to me as every bag is named after special people in my life. Originally handcrafted in my NYC studio, since Fall 2014 every bag is produced in the new Miami studio and continue to be built with the customer in mind.

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