Mar 24, 2017 24

My Twin

When my daughter, Caroline, texted me this picture I thought it was her.  The hair, the mouth, the arms and the way she was sitting were identical.  I posted it to Facebook and had lots of engagement from my followers.  They all could not believe it wasn't Caroline or that someone had not grabbed her image off her popular fashion blog and Photoshpped it.  They say everyone has a twin somewhere else in the world...and this model is the twin for my daughter..  Despite the fact that Caroline works in the high end fashion industry in NYC as an assistant buyer for Bergdorf Goodman and runs the successful blog, we were unaware of your fabulous brand.  We are very glad to now know about your amazing products. I hope to win this contest so that Caroline can truly match your model by having a great piece of luggage to carry.  (Since I can only upload one picture at a time, i may need to email photos of her to you through another means).