Jun 22, 2017 2

Filling mom's bucket list...

My story is not a sad one. Mom is my best friend, and really always has been. Four years ago, after a routine mammogram she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This woman is a super hero, the previous day she had just completed a 5k. When I had kids she went part time then retired so she could help care for my kids. 

Through the process, I was her person. I went to every appointment with her, waited at the hospital during her lumpectomy, and drank the wine with her on her tough days. I can't remember when she mentioned it but at some point she turned to me "you know, my one regret is that I never went to Italy." 

"Mom, you get through this and we are going." 

And so, on the last day of her follow up test I asked her to come over and we booked plane tickets for this fall. We then began to fill in the spaces in between with places she wanted to go and things to do. 

How amazing would it be to have a beautiful camera to capture this once in a lifetime event? #sony #camera #fromLenstoLivingRoom