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Why Invest in LLC Set-up in Dubai

Dubai continues to be a favorable business destination for Indian and international investors alike. This is because, the UAE region has marketed itself as the ideal and reliable international business hub that is particularly friendly to foreign investors. However, the LLC formation tends to be the most common company type among foreign investors because it is easy to start. Notably, the LLC setup is a predominant business structure in Dubai that guarantees flexibility and other advantages as explained herein.

Quick and easy registration

LLC setup in Dubai can be very easy especially when working with a dedicated and experienced business setup agency. The first step is provision of the required LLC formation documentation. Your assisting agent should inspect the documents to ensure that they are correct and in the preferred formats. With the right and verified documentation, an LLC setup with 2 or 3 shareholders can successfully obtain a trade license within a day using the instant licensing feature. If not committing to lease agreement, you can register your LLC setup with the Department of Economic Development in about 90 minutes. This implies that it is possible to register an LLC setup in Dubai without a physical office location but it may be a requirement during the trade license renewal.


An LLC setup in Dubai is quite cost effective owing that its setup costs are comparable to costs incurred when setting up a free zone company. However, an LLC incorporation costs could vary based on the nature of business you intend to conduct. Certain business activities attract external approval charges. For instance, businesses pay a 2.5% market fee based on their leased office spaces when renewing trade licenses.

Unlimited visa applications

A major benefit offered by LLC setup in Dubai is that, it gives you a chance to apply for unlimited visas. However, there is a caveat; the more visas you acquire, the larger the office space you require. The general law states that, you should have one visa per every 100sq.ft. Therefore, the size of office space you rent sets the limit for thenumber of visas you can acquire. Moreover, you automatically qualify for an investor visa that grants you three years of residency in the UAE during which time you can sponsor family members to the region.

Business activities

Unlike some free zone business formations, the LLC setup in Dubai does not limit the type of business activities that you can carry out. Upon successful registration of an LLC company in Dubai, you are legally permitted to trade in a myriad of business activities across different listed as listed by the Department of Economic Development.


The core benefit of LLC setup in Dubai is that shareholder liabilities are limited to the paid up capital amount made by the company. However, Dubai scrapped the minimum paid up capital requirement for LLC start-ups.