Aug 05, 2019 0

HARMAN with Samsung team up on Cloud Services for Connected Cars

It has been quite some time that HARMAN international became a fully owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. They primarily focus on connected technologies for automotive, consumer and enterprise market, and together, both companies have leveraged their combined sources and team to drive the future of mobility forward. Back in 2018, they unveiled some of the most unique connected car solutions that support HARMAN and Samsung joint mission to take over the realm of connectivity and autonomous driving.

The key innovations showcase an integrated approach towards a rich digital car experience, some of which are as follows:

  • They reinvented the digital cockpit for all the segments that have given the interior of the car a makeover
  • They even introduced a new telematics solution along with the first automotive-grade 5G-ready connectivity solutions
  • They created an ecosystem of partners and solutions to help build out the Samsung open autonomous platform

Every single solution was only made possible through the HARMAN-Samsung alliance that takes Samsung to a whole other level and they still dominate the mobile/TV/ semiconductors and distribution. Whereas HARMAN has connected car heritage, market knowledge and growing community of innovation partners. This way, both companies are making global investments in to help OEMs meet the growing needs of the consumers. Especially when it comes to in-vehicle technology through scalable solutions that will improve the user experience.

Dinesh Paliwal who is President and CEO of HARMAN said, "Together with the help of Samsung, we have increased through scale, resources and competencies to help automakers focus on the car’s evolution from device-centric to experience-centric,” continued saying “HARMAN has the heritage and expertise in automotive, and collectively HARMAN and Samsung harness our best technologies and global scale to accelerate how we better serve the needs of automakers in this rapidly evolving automotive market.”

Now let us talk about - Advanced Driving Solutions Today for an Autonomous Tomorrow.

The digital cockpit platform they have built includes a suite of flexible and scalable premium experiences that goes well with the current lifestyle without compromising the safety or performance. The platform is available in which configures and seamlessly integrate the instrument cluster with the help of console via voice, physical knobs, haptic feedback and steering wheel controls in a single, screen for the critical information and features. Furthermore, they also support a multi-modal approach for interaction with different human-machine interfaces to allow the customization in terms of HVAC, media and user settings.

So, this is how HARMAN with the help of Samsung teamed up on cloud services for the connected cars.