May 16, 2017 230

1200 Miles Carrying My Baby Girl

Everyday since my daughter was 8 weeks old we have been inseparable. Nothing brings me greater joy than to take her out for our daily walks. Before she was born, I always carried my camera bag with me. It usually had at least one body and 3 lenses. Well, it is not as easy to do that these days.  I've still found a way to blend my passion for photography with my quality time with my little girl. She gets a bit heavier everyday of course, so having a camera that is easy to carry makes documenting this daily endeavor possible. I don't go anywhere without either the Sony A6000 or A7ii.

Our adventures take us anywhere from places close to home to places a long drive away. The routine is always the same. Her Mom and I put her in the carrier, and click one of my Sonys into my clip. I'm always ready to capture whatever we might come across during our walks.  My daughter likes to fiddle with the camera too. Maybe she'll take on an interest in photography too.

Of course, I also talk to her while we walk. Who knows if she'll remember anything? If she doesn't, the Sony Alpha series are all great for video. I often capture little conversations I have with her. I guess I could have done all this with "selfies" and my phone...but I think the results are so much better this way. Don't you?

These are probably the most important moments I've ever captured and I look forward to sharing them with my daughter as she gets older. These are special times that I know won't last for ever. Sony helps me make sure we have a great way to reminisce.  I'm sure that she'll be too big for me to carry at some point. Then it will be her turn to take pictures of Daddy. In the mean time, I intend to keep doing this. Perhaps we can fit in another 1200 miles?