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Designer Profile: Simon Pearce

Growing up in Ireland, Simon Pearce learned to throw pots in his father's studio. At 16, he went to London to study glassblowing, then traveled Europe apprenticing with prestigious makers, including Venini in Italy and Boda and Orrefors in Sweden.

In 1981, Simon moved his operations to Quechee, Vermont, where he restored an historic woolen mill. Relying on the nearby Ottauquechee River to power the furnaces and electricity for the entire facility, his workshop continues to create handcrafted crystal and stoneware masterpieces in a variety of shapes and styles.

Whether it’s lead-free crystal glassware made with custom molds and purpose-built furnaces or hand-thrown pottery, Simon Pearce believes simplicity, quality and artisanship are tenets of a better way of life. From inception, his vision has been to create products that are beautifully designed, produced with premium materials and time-honored techniques. Each handcrafted piece carries a story that lends meaning, authenticity and grace to every use.

Simon Pearce & Gump's 

Gump’s significant role in supporting contemporary artists dates back to the 1870s, and we continue that tradition to this day. Carefully selected for their unique and innovative creations, our designers, like Simon Pearce, are among the finest in the industry. Shop our Simon Pearce collection online or at 135 Post Street in San Francisco.