May 11, 2018 29

Dr Vranjes


Dr. Vranjes Home Fragrance Collection 

Dr. Vranjes Firenze, whose grandfather was a luxury fabric trader with a passion for scent, was inspired by the perfumes he collected from his grandfather's world travels. A pharmacist, chemist and cosmetician, Dr. Vranjes developed a passion for fragrance at a young age and continues to design and develop his luxurious fragrances from his centuries-old workshop in Florence, Italy.

Taking into consideration the area, furnishings and individual taste, Dr. Vranjes' mission is to correctly identify the best fragrance for each room and activity in any home. Choosing this fragrance is just as important as choosing a perfume for yourself: we recognize ourselves in a fragrance, as do all the people we invite into our homes and workplaces.

Dr. Vranjes' home fragrances are currently available in our San Francisco store at 135 Post Street.
If you're interested in learning more about the collection, please call 415.982.1616.

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