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LIULI: Reviving a Lost Art

The art of lost-wax casting, or pate-de-verre, first appeared in ancient Egypt and in China dating back to the venerable Han Dynasty (206 BC - 200 AD). Regretfully, the art was lost in China for hundreds of years until revived by Liuligongfang in 1987, establishing Asia's first Liuli workshop. The Liuli pate-de-verre technique is a complex twelve-step process, requiring great care and skill. In essence, the artist casts a wax sculpture in plaster, melts out the wax in a kiln, adds glass ingredients to the negative space, then fuses the glass before removing the mold. The result? Beautifully detailed sculptural objects exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, and bestowed upon celebrities in world leaders as a rare, priceless gift. 

LIULI was established in Tamshui, Taiwan in 1987 and currently operates 70 galleries around the world. Over the past 30 years, the company has expanded throughout Taiwan, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore and Malaysia. 2008 brought the first two stateside galleries in San Francisco and New York, including Gump's.

For over twenty years, LIULI creations have been acquired by internationally renowned museums for their permanent collections and LIULI works have been exhibited in over 30 countries and territories. At least 32 world leaders have received the gifts made from LIULI and the collection was once bestowed upon VIP members of the Annual Academy Awards and Grammy Awards. 

Each LIULI creation goes through an extensive 12-step process, lasting a total of six to eight weeks. In addition, each series is part of a limited collection, driving the team to constantly create new works.

 LIULI’s launching point is always in the aspect of material. They scrutinize the myriad of possibilities held by contemporary lifestyle design and push pass the boundaries of accessory and craft to incorporate it into modern culture and life.

Loretta Hui-shan Yang
Founder and Art Director

Loretta H. Yang is the pioneering artist behind contemporary Chinese liuli glass. She has devoted her life to the art of liuli for close to three decades and in the process has revived the ancient Chinese technique of glass casting and instigated the contemporary glass art movement in Asia. 

LIULI & Gump's 

Gump's has been selling LIULI since 2008 and is only one of six retailers in the United States who offer the collection. Much has changed throughout the decades, but Gump's dedication to good taste and close partnerships with the world's finest designers have stayed consistent for over 150 years. Shop our LIULI collection online or visit us in San Francisco at 135 Post Street.