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JEWELRY: Gump's San Francisco


Gump's is a Treasure

Right above our flagship store, our in-house experts design and handcraft our signature collection of fine jewelry, including luminous, perfectly matched cultured pearls, hand-carved exotic jades and exceptional gemstones. The finest antique and estate pieces are carefully selected - as are the stunning creations from award-winning jewelry designers.

Gold and Pearls, long the symbols of the sun and moon, are the focus in Gump's Fine Jewelry. And it's only fitting that a store that's grown up in San Francisco over the past 150 years should feature such exquisite pieces. Gold is at the base of San Francisco's foundation, and Pearls reflect Gump's long relationship with Asian culture and art.

The selection of gold jewelry features finely crafted 14 karat link and braided gold necklaces. Smooth gold and twisted gold bangle bracelets. Knot and hoop earrings. And as for pearls, the Gump's selection is one of the finest. There are ropes of Japanese pearls and multi-strand chokers. There are South Sea pearls, and beautiful black and green Tahitian pearls. And there are baroque pearls, and flat one-sided coin pearl.

Our collection is currently available in our San Francisco store at 135 Post Street.
If you're interested in learning more about Fine Jewelry, please call (800) 766-7628

Marilu Klar: Curator of Gems   

As curator of the Gump's jewelry department, Marilu Klar has scoured the world for over four decades in search of perfect gemstones. Hired by store president Richard Gump in the early 1960s, Marilu is the last employee to be hired by a Gump. When she interviewed with Richard, she was told that she had to pass the "good taste test," a rigid requirement for all potential employees at the time. But Klar, a woman of exceptional taste, told Gump directly, "I don't need taste, Mr. Gump, I already have it." She certainly did. 

Marilu has been instrumental in helping create and uphold the jewelry department's impeccable reputation throughout the years by securing and maintaining relationships with gem sellers the world over. She was one of the first women to conduct business in male-dominated Asian countries, and her resolve to not only design the best but to purchase the best has placed her in some unusual circumstances from trekking the snows of Moscow to the intense heat of the Far East. Whether it's creating magnificent pieces for the Gump's Signature Jewelry or a custom piece for one of her loyal customers, Marilu Klar embodies the Gump's philosophy of "only the best" in everything she does. 

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