May 03, 2018 617

Designer profile - russell trusso


Always an industrious child, Russell Trusso demonstrated his natural determination and inventiveness at the early age of ten after building a greenhouse in his family’s backyard. As a young adult, Trusso entertained a variety of interests and professions, from practicing medicine to designing clothing. He often discussed the “double life” that he experienced in between artistic pursuits and his more traditional profession. Eventually balancing medicine and fashion became exhausting and Trusso decided to make yet another change. He accepted a position with a master goldsmith and immersed himself in the world of fine metals and jewelry. This time he hasn’t looked back.

While Trusso didn’t begin designing jewelry until later in life, he’s finally found a calling that satisfies his creative and industrious side. No other contemporary jewelry designer has proved to be more the Renaissance man than Russell Trusso. His large floral pieces with carved gemstone petals and intricately shaped pearls have garnered a fierce and committed following. Each is delicate and feminine, showcasing the rich colors, soft lines, and inherent harmony found in nature. Gump’s is proud to showcase a designer who follows his intuition and passion, is a true innovator and inventor, and maintains an unwavering commitment to the botanical world.


Gump’s significant role in supporting contemporary artists dates back to the 1870s, and we continue that tradition to this day. Carefully selected for their unique and innovative creations, our designers, like Russell Trusso, are among the finest in the industry.