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Gump's Extraordinary
Father's Day Gift Guide

Looking for the right gift for the man who seemingly has everything? Your search is over. With Father's Day just around the corner, we tasked the Gump's team with putting together a list of gift ideas for dads who have impeccable taste and standards as high as our own. From fantastic jewelry pieces and the world's best steak knives to beautifully crafted cocktail sets and exceptional dinnerware, this unique gift guide goes well beyond the standard golf shirt or necktie.


Robbe & Berking Steak Knives


Handmade in Germany, Robbe & Berking is legendary among chefs for creating extremely sharp, beautiful knives. They recently created a new barbecue line that's been called 'the best steak knives in the world' by a number of people who know about such things. The Riva collection uses what's called a diamond-like carbon finish, which is comprised of an anthracite-black coating that combines industrial properties with a refined technical look that's sure to impress at your next dinner party or backyard get-together. 

Robbe & Berking Riva Steak Knives, set of 4 $1,240
Robbe & Berking Riva Carving Set $760

Available in-store only

Robbe & Berking Whiskey Glasses

Equally as impressive as their steak knives, the whiskey glasses from Robbe & Berking's Martelé Bar Collection are exquisite. Handcrafted from hammered sterling silver, these glasses feature a unique, straight-side shape that provide a beautiful-yet-masculine look. Perfect for cocktails, fine dining or casual drinks among friends, these glasses are a must-have for any gentleman's bar.

Robbe & Berking Martelé Bar Collection Whiskey Glasses, $870 per pair
Available in-store only

Georg Jensen Bernadotte Cocktail Set

When it comes to fine silver, Georg Jensen is one of the best in the world. Gump's has been featuring the Danish artist's work for almost 100 years and, like a fine wine, the brand's timeless designs only get better through the decades. The Bernadotte collection was designed in 1937 by Sigvard Bernadotte. A member of the Swedish royal family and an important designer in Europe during his time, both he and his work continue to be highly revered throughout the world. Featuring a cocktail shaker, tray and shot glass  — all hand-wrought and hand-engraved in Denmark — the Bernadotte collection's fine craftsmanship make it one of the most prized in our entire store. 

Georg Jensen Bernadotte Cocktail Set
Cocktail Shaker $21,550
Tray $6,250
Beaker (shot glass) $2,250
Available in-store only

Gump's Estate Silver Shot Glass Set & Tray

Nothing compares to the artistry and design of our estate silver collection. Comprised of pieces made by legendary master silversmiths and revered firms throughout the world, this display of elegance and good taste is nothing short of impeccable. This vintage set of twelve shot glasses and matching tray will make a beautiful addition to any bar. 

Gump's Estate Silver Shot Glass Set & Tray $2,645
Available in-store only

Christofle Malmaison Tray & Baccarat Louxor Bar Set

Some things just go better together. While the Christofle sterling silver tray and Baccarat Louxor collection are remarkable on their own, together they bring out the best in each other.  

Christofle Malmaison Tray $1,980 - Available in-store only
Baccarat Louxor Bar Set $3,500 - Available in-store & special order online

Robbe & Berking Martelé 62-Piece Bar Cart & Trunk

The ultimate pop-up bar, this magnificent cocktail suite is stocked with Robbe & Berking's superbly handcrafted, silver-plated Martelé drinkware and accessories — everything a modern host could want for elegant parties and everyday enjoyment of wine and spirits. Beautifully designed to balance elegant style and superb performance, the hand-finished silver absorbs and retains drinks' chilled serving temperature. The collection is organized in a handsome leather-and-wood trunk that also boasts spacious storage drawers, a 12-bottle wine rack and 10 upright compartments for bottled liquors. Since 1874, family-owned Robbe & Berking has refined and perfected the art of silver-making and metalsmithing, passing this knowledge down from generation to generation. Handcrafted cutlery and tableware with the R&B hallmark are prized by experts and collectors around the world.

Robbe & Berking Martelé 62-Piece Bar Cart & Trunk $22,334
Available in-store & online

William Henry
Spearpoint Red Lodge
& Monarch Maui Knives

American brand William Henry creates timeless personal style for men through unique accessories crafted with honor and integrity. The brand earned its fame for crafting exclusive and award-winning pocket knives — transforming the archetype of all tools into a superb piece of functional jewelry for men. Each of the William Henry knives in this collection is a limited edition of 50. 

The Spearpoint ‘Red Lodge’ features a beautiful frame in handcarved sterling silver, inlaid with Norway Blue Spruce pine cone. The blade is 'Wave' damascus with a core in extra-strong ZDP-189 steel; the one-hand button lock and the thumb stud are set with blazing red topaz gemstones. A remarkable design that gives you an instrument with a full-size secure grip, and a versatile deep-belly blade, the Spearpoint epitomizes William Henry’s core philosophy that superlative function deserves to be elevated to superlative art.

The Monarch 'Maui' features a sleek frame in aerospace grade titanium, inlaid with koa wood. The stainless blade has a core in extra-strong ZDP-189 steel. The one-hand button lock and the thumb stud are set with citrine gemstones. The Monarch is a simple design that is easy on the eye and effortless in the hand; the elegant shape of the handle on this design is also an ideal canvas to showcase our exotic materials. The 'Maui' is the beautiful balance between elegance, function, modern and exotic materials.

William Henry Spearpoint Red Lodge $1,750
William Henry Monarch Maui $600
Available in-store only

Spencer Peterman Driftwood Oak Bowl

Spencer Peterman is always on the lookout for fallen trees rotting in the woods. He gets excited about this kind of stuff. So do his customers. Hidden in those fallen trees — especially the ones covered by moss and dirt — is wood disfigured by the beginnings of decomposition. Turning that wood on a lathe produces strikingly unique bowls, perfect for your home or showroom. Handmade out of upcycled oak, these beautiful bowls make a great centerpiece or serving bowl.  

Spencer Peterman Driftwood Oak Bowl $238
Available in-store only

Buccellati Audachron & Androchon Watches 

For a showstopping timepiece, few options are more luxurious than Buccellati. These two models, the Audachron and Andochron, are handmade in Switzerland and feature alligator leather straps. The Audachron boasts a beautiful 18-karat gold, hand-engraved face that measures 38mm in diameter, while the Andochron is made from 18-karat white gold and measures slightly larger at 43mm in diameter. No matter which model you choose, status and style are included at no extra charge. 

Buccellati Audachron Yellow Gold Watch $12,000- Available in-store and online

Buccellati Andochron White Gold Watch $21,000- Available in-store and online

Gump's Shou Cufflinks 

First appearing on cufflinks in the Gump's catalog in the 1960s, the shou symbol has become an integral part of Gump's jewelry design. Prolific in Asian art, it denotes happiness, harmonic life and longevity, which speaks to Gump's Asian design influence as well as its rich trading history throughout the Far East. These stylish cufflinks are the perfect finishing touch to his next evening event. 

Gump's Shou Blue Enamel Cufflinks $395
Available in-store and online

Buccellati Empire Frame 

Handcrafted by Italian artisans using the finest sterling silver, crystal and Italian leather, the Empire frame is the pinnacle of design and quality. Masculine yet refined, this frame is the perfect addition to his home or work office — or displayed front and center in your living room.   

Buccellati Empire 5x7 Frame $2,200
Available in-store only


Whether you're looking to spend $50 or $5,000, Gump's has an impressive collection of unique Father's Day gifts that is sure to make any dad feel special. Shop our Father's Day Gift Collection online or visit the Gump's store at 135 Post Street in San Francisco to shop our extended collection of incredible gifts.