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The Legend of Baccarat

In 1764, King Louis XV authorized the creation of a glassworks located in Baccarat, France. It wasn't long before the establishment was the most prestigious crystal manufacturer worldwide, creating artful works to illuminate palaces, cathedrals and presidential residences. From the Imperial House of Japan to the White House, Baccarat's client list is unmatched, but this is not a company that rests on its laurels. Instead, Baccarat continues to lead the industry in developing new and innovative techniques. The elite craftsmen, glassblowers, cutters and engravers at Baccarat are constantly trained and educated to maintain Baccarat's exacting standards of quality. In 2003, the Baccarat House in Paris relocated to a space envisioned by Philippe Starck, which includes a gallery that celebrated every mesmerizing, breath-taking aspect of Baccarat. 

At the Baccarat factory, crystal blowers, cutters, engravers and gilders have been honing their talent to attain sheer perfection since 1764. 

It takes 15 years to master the techniques, tap the infinite possibilities for sculpting crystal. Baccarat boasts the highest number of award-winning Best Craftsmen in France, more than any other French luxury House.  

The movements and gestures are ancestral, but Baccarat ingenious craftsmanship has always stood at the leading edge of innovation.

 Unique and timeless know-how which, from freehand cutting to brush applied raised relief gilding, translates tradition into creation.

Baccarat & Gump's 

Gump's is home to the largest collection of Baccarat in the United States, outside of Baccarat's own showroom. Much has changed throughout the decades, but Gump's dedication to good taste and close partnerships with the world's finest designers like Baccarat have stayed consistent for over 150 years. Shop our collection online or visit us in San Francisco at 135 Post Street.