Apr 05, 2018 3

ART IN CRAFT: lalique


"I consider that, when an artist has found something beautiful, he must try to allow the greatest number of people possible to enjoy it."  – René Lalique

An imaginative artist, celebrated glass designer and an innovative manufacturer of art glass, René Jules Lalique is known worldwide for his stunning creations, including perfume bottles, vases and figurines — to name a few.

René Lalique founded his firm in Paris in 1888, and soon became a celebrated jeweler whose
designs contributed significantly to the Art Nouveau movement at the turn of the century. In
the early 1900s, an order for perfume bottles led him to develop a glass-making technique
that would endure as Lalique’s signature characteristics: iced surfaces, elaborate or partially
realistic patterns in relief, and occasionally applied or inlaid color.

In 1945, his son Marc took over as head of the business, and started to reproduce the
original glass designs in crystal. An emblem of luxury and elegance, Lalique endures in
forms that range from classic to ultramodern.