Apr 08, 2019 0

Bathroom Storage Hacks You Must Know

Bathrooms are not the most spacious places that we would usually imagine, but the number of commodities that we need to store in this small place range from toiletries to cleaning agents. Some serious organisational skills are required to make the best use of the space and store essentials conveniently in a way that doesn’t ruin the look of the bathroom. Here are some hacks for you to keep your bathroom neat while ensuring that you make the most of your space:

• Install a shelf around your wash basin

The space under wash basins usually goes unused. This is the perfect space to fit in a shelf that wraps around the wash basin and stores items like brushes, bathroom cleaners, extra soaps or toothpastes, sanitary napkins or toilet paper. This creates extra storage without taking away much space from your bathroom. To add some style, choose a theme or colour for the cabinet that matches with the bathroom tap fittings and other accessories.

• Opt for vertical shelves

The kind of vertical shelves, made of wood, plastic or steel that are found in kitchens, or that are used as bookshelves can also be installed in bathrooms. You can fit these in your bath area so that you have easy access to your body wash, shampoos and soaps while showering. By placing them under the shower, you can ensure that these products do not get wet. You can also stick nails or hooks into wooden shelves and hang small items or pouches for extra storage.

• Install Baskets and trays

If you do not like the idea of shelves, then you can stick baskets or trays that are tailor-made for storage, on to your bathroom walls. These can store almost everything- towels, hair dryers, soaps, toiletries and a lot more. If you wish to roll and store small hand towels for guests, these are better than the normal towel rings or bars that look unkempt. According to the colours you prefer, you can go for wicker, wooden or plastic baskets that will add colour to your bathroom. They can be tied or hung on the walls for a different look.

• Storage boxes

Instead of storing your toothbrushes and toothpastes in mugs, which ruins the look of the bathroom, look for specific storage boxes that would suit your bathroom. If you have a cabinet with a mirror, then stick boxes on the door of the cabinet and store your toothbrushes and other items like floss, mouthwash etc. separately. If possible, buy a compartmentalised storage box and fix it above your sink, or on an unoccupied wall.

It is up to you to optimise the space in your bathroom by choosing the right toilet accessories in India. These accessories can change the look of your bathroom and make your life a lot easier since you can store everything you would need properly.