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Anfa Place in Morocco bringing in High-yield dollar returns

Foreigner ownership of real estate is permitted in Morocco. However, agricultural lands cannot be bought by the foreigners. Some suggest that opening an account in any Moroccan bank enables conversion of the foreign currency. It is then used for transaction further and is also helpful for fund repatriation in future. No matter what, always try working with an agent of real estate. Hiring a lawyer would also do because they can help in understanding procedures as well as legalities.

Overview of the country

The country of Morocco has a population of thirty three million and the growth of real GDP is about one point eight percent. This had been the average target in the year of 2016. CPI is close to 1.46 percent as per 2016 reports and GDP/capital is 2.906 (2015). According to real estate investors, Morocco has contributed to High-yield dollar returns recently.

Anfa Place

One of the many Investment opportunities in Morocco has turned out to be the shopping centre of Anfa Place, this centre has conducted trades since the year 2013. Design has made the most of site’s natural magnificent setting. It is a scheme of ninety thousand meters extending to the shore. It makes for the most exotic looking, new elegant waterfront community. There are places for living, leisure facilities, cafes, shops and offices. you will also find five star hotel as well.

There are two storeys that have two storeys. These storeys are dedicated to retail space and offers basement parking levels and dedicated bays of parking.

Anchor tenants are inclusive of renowned brands like Burger King, KFC, Mcdonalds and other fashion houses as well.

It has become a lifestyle and family destination centre. Tenant optimization and refurbishments along remodelled food courts were introduced just recently.

Ground floor has been re-tenanted with plans of making the second level as a premier entertainment as well as fashion destination.