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Goldeluxe Jewelry is a small line of jewelry made with love by Libby Hopper out of her studio in Detroit, MI. Goldeluxe has been an ever changing journey for the designer - it began as a general interest in craftiness at a young age. After a few inspiring jewelry sessions during the college years, Libby caught the jewelry bug. Goldeluxe started as a small Etsy shop selling jewelry created out of reclaimed vintage items - taking apart old, unloved pieces and creating new and repurposed pieces to be cherished again. 

This newfound passion for jewelry making led Libby to make the leap and move to Brooklyn, NY. There she scored a job as production manager with a small jewelry designer, and was able to learn all about the jewelry making process, as well as the ins and outs of running a jewelry business. Being around beautiful handmade jewelry every day inspired her to take a few jewelry making classes, and from there she had the skills needed to develop her handmade jewelry collection.

In December 2014, Libby moved shop from Brooklyn to Detroit to focus on Goldeluxe and get back to her Michigan roots. She lives in a beautiful historic neighborhood and enjoys creating in her sunny studio every day.

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