May 15, 2017 186


We all start somewhere in photography, may it be with taking photos of family, friends, in the streets or events. I started shooting professionally 4 years ago and for the last 3 years, Sony has been a part of my journey. Coming from a simple family in the Philippines, easy is a rare word to be mentioned in my journey.

When I was starting as a photographer, I covered weddings and debuts for a living to pay for the bills and provide for my parents (and myself). Clients would raise their eyebrows upon seeing this little black camera called the SONY NEX 6, but they (me included) were blown away when they saw the output.

I personally prefer shooting debuts because when I was still very eager to buy my first camera, I was into fashion and shooting beautiful faces. My Sony NEX 6 gave me beautiful 350 dpi files which I was both a blessing (amazing sharpness and image quality) and a curse (you have to be prepared for portrait retouching because the details were amazing! haha!). 

Lucky enough, I was given the chance to shoot beautiful people in pageants and I applied the knowledge i got from attending seminars and workshops in Manila (I come from Mindanao, so its kinda pricey to take a plane and other expenses but its always worth it). My NEX 6 as of the moment isn't functioning so I purchased the Sony a6000, and it is by far my camera which can do EVERYTHING. Skin tone is on point and the details are top notch (even with the 16-50 kit lens).

I came to a point in my profession that I felt incomplete, there must have been more in this profession. I needed a newer sense of direction and I got that when I was given jobs for the local tourism department. I ventured to explore waterfalls, white sand beaches, tourist destinations, festivals and meet interesting people. With the handy dandy Sony a6000, i set off to climb mountains and trek with ease as it was the perfect travel camera for me.

With thunderous drum beats and shouts that can make your blood surge, shooting festivals made me fall in love more with travel. From the most authentic cultural festival in the Philippines called Kaamulan in Bukidnon, to the grandest festival in Cebu called the Sinulog and other amazing festivals in the country, my a6000 and I have experienced euphoria in both shooting and being in those moments.

Long exposures are a piece of cake with the 16 - 50 kit lens because it can reach an f36 aperture. No filters and no need for anything technical, just the moment between me, the camera and the amazing scenery around me.

From shooting street, events, beautiful people, landscapes, festivals, and stories, 4 years have passed but my evolution continues. I may still be young in this industry but I am happy with each new moment as I continue to fall in love with photography through my Sony cameras.

Just a self portrait in one of the waterfalls in Naawan, Misamis Oriental of Region 10 - Northern Mindanao. Thanks for reading my story!