Jan 23, 2017 216

Snap Wallet Saga

I have always had a love for leather products. Over the years I have purchased various pieces. While normally relatively expensive they are beautiful and something you can use for many years if not forever. Recently I discovered Ghurka and after a couple of initial purchases I have found the products to be in a class of their own. The selection is unique in many of the various product categories  and in my view without comparison to most other products even in the same price range. These products will last for many, many years and can be handed to children or grandchildren as something special from an adult family member they might admire (i.e. parent, grandparent). I have purchased several pieces already having taken advantage of the holiday sales period and the "deal" is incomparable for what you are getting at the sale price. I absolutely will be buying more pieces as time goes on, sale or not.

One item I purchased for my adult daughter was the SNAP WALLET in Tumbled Black and Chestnut. A gorgeous first piece for her. She loved it and being her dad gave it to her it was immediately special for her. Soon after we were on a family trip to Costa Rica where she unfortunately lost the wallet having errantly dropped it next to the "hair salon" noted in my picture. Costa Ricans are very friendly folks but of course it is not a wealthy country on average. I am sure the "lucky" person that found this basically new wallet was stunned given their good fortune and their now "new" wallet. No we did not get it back but I am happy some local (most likely a local) Costa Rican native in the small town we were in has a wallet that will last them forever. I doubt anyone in the small town knows who Ghurka is but you never know. My loss might have created a new Ghurka customer!

I did turn around and get my daughter a new Ghurka Clio wallet to replace her loss. Even nicer than the Snap wallet so all turned out good for her. I plan on getting my kids various items that they can use for life. The awesome football and baseball are already keepsakes for my older "sports" oriented son. Thanks Ghurka as you stand alone in your offerings.