Apr 30, 2019 0

Welcoming Summers the Cool Way- Solar Control Glass to Beat the Heat

With the sun blazing down mercilessly on urban heat islands during summers, and temperatures on the rise around the globe, heat management has become an alarming issue. The rising energy costs, the requirement of natural lighting without letting heat in, and the need for comfortable environment are a few difficulties almost everyone encounters.

Providing an efficient solution to almost all of these challenges single-handedly is solar control glass. Solar control glass is the ultimate icon of green architecture that is capable of making the best use of sunlight whilst cutting down on energy requirements.

Firstly, it reduces the heat gain that accompanies natural light with its thermal insulation properties. Along with heat resistance, the glass has spectrally selective solar control properties that can filter a significant amount of heat otherwise transmitted by normal windows with

out interfering with light transmittance.

Besides, the use of low emissivity (low-E) coatings on glass improves the thermal insulation. Energy loss is usually measured by the thermal transmittance or U-value. Low-E coatings are responsible for lowering the U-value. This allows for cutting down on both artificial lighting costs and unnecessary cooling costs simultaneously.

What’s more, is that it also shields buildings from ultra-violet radiation other than offering all kinds of advantages when it comes to durability, including weather resistance.

They are also surprisingly versatile, and cover pretty much every architectural requirement, catering to both large and small areas. From structural and facade glazing to bolted systems and fenestration applications, solar glass fits the role perfectly.

Solar control glass, when used in various applications offers a 360-degree solution for many environment-related concerns. A shift to these efficient all-rounders can go a long way in making homes and public spaces much greener and can help you reduce your energy costs, with the added benefit of also reducing your carbon footprint.

All this is possible without compromising on the aesthetics It is then no big surprise that many shopping malls, brand showrooms, multiplexes, shops, retail stores and other modern buildings that are being constructed rely on solar control glass.

Don’t let scorching heat and high utility bills bring you down. Let solar control glass work its magic to beat the heat this summer.