May 07, 2019 0

From Signages, Wall Panelling to Pillar Cladding: Creating Graceful Workplaces Made Easier With Glass

Glass is an important component of architecture, but recent years have seen a paradigm shift in the way glass is being used to create eye-catching workplaces. When used imaginatively, glass has the ability to turn mundane and boring workplaces into electrifying ones.

With its ability to look pristine for much longer than the traditional materials, glass is the first choice for the creation of professional, spacious, modern and bright workspaces. Integrating beautifully with commercial office furniture, glass fixtures are used in lobbies, internal pillars, workstations and conference room boards, etc.

Glass wall panels are a new rage and provide the workplace with a sophisticated and classic touch, at the same time, keeping the visibility high. To keep out direct sunlight or to ensure privacy, the glass panel can be coated with a tint. Lending just the right amount of sophistication, wall panelling with lacquered glass lets you move over monotonous monochromes. It is elegant and can make the office space look elegant and colourful. Glass panels can be installed on windows, or in place of walls and barriers. Make your office interiors come alive and create a conductive environment for work! Let glass wall panelling serve as a visual treat.

With the office embellished with the finest coloured glass paneling, the pillars need to be just as much sophisticated and artistic. Get the glamor quotient right with pillar cladding in colored glass. You can choose the colour as per your liking. Whatever color you choose, make sure the pillar cladding matches the office ambiance, is subtle and pleasing to the eyes. Perking up the energy levels of your employees gets easier with visually appealing glass pillars.

To give our workplace the perfect look, we often overlook the importance of visually appealing glass signages. More than just signboards pointing the way to the restroom, or displaying the name of the company, signages are pieces of art that bring a certain degree of professionalism to the office environment. The etched glass, when complemented with the LED lighting, can showcase the signage in a subtle yet classy way. Some interesting options to choose from include 3D letters pasted on a glass background, vinyl pasted behind glass and glass signages with metallic paint, etc.

Do away with the ordinary and give your office a much classy look with the sophisticated and classy glass panels, signages and pillar cladding.