Apr 04, 2019 0

7 Benefits That Sliding Glass Doors and Windows Promise

Sliding doors and windows have been very popular in oriental architecture through the ages. The addition of glass to these sliding doors and windows has added the right panache to the traditional aesthetics making them a global design trend. Having said that, glass sliding doors and windows are much more than just a fad! The beauty, style, utility, and versatility of sliding glass doors and windows have made them an interior designer's favourite. Here are some of the top benefits of these doors and windows that make them a popular choice for homes and offices –

• Environment-friendly –

Sliding doors and windows are perfect for smart, green homes and environment-friendly office spaces. They are fitted with composite gaskets that aids in excellent insulation. The interiors retain warmth during winters and remain cool in summers. This makes them highly energy efficient. In spring and autumn, these doors and windows allow for maximum flow of fresh air, reducing the need for air conditioning.

• Enough natural light –

Sliding glass doors and windows maximize the amount of natural light that enters your home or office space. When used to partition off a hall or a conference room, they allow for complete light flow as well. Installing these doors and windows will make a huge difference in your energy bill each month.

Space saver –

Sliding doors glide along a track effectively utilizing wall space in your homes and offices. The fact that they operate without a hinge means that space traditionally used by the door arc is saved.

Free flowing design –

Places like modern homes and offices are all about free-flowing and transparent environments and designs. The perfect way to achieve this but not compromise on confidentiality or compartmentalization is to install sliding glass doors and windows. Moreover, you have plenty of glass door designs to choose from.

Safety and security added –

In the past homeowners and designers avoided sliding glass doors and windows due to safety concerns. With the advancements in technology, durable, strong and shatter proof versions of glass emerged in the market. Thanks to them, safety concerns can now be effectively taken care of.

Style quotient –

Sliding doors are very stylish even in their wooden, ancient oriental avatar. Add to them the efficiency of metal and uPVC frames, toughened shatter-proof glass, and beautiful designs, and you have a dream home or an office that is a pleasure to walk into.

Perfect for views –

Sliding doors and windows are a great option when it comes to offices or homes with views. Be it office space in a high-rise with a stunning view of the business district or a home living room opening up to a patio with a view, sliding glass doors and windows are a great option. By creating a seamless flow between the outdoor and indoor spaces, these allow for an all-season view of the landscapes around you.