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Best Dress Sewing Patterns for Women Fashion

Dresses always feel great to sew because wearing a dress that fits the body perfectly and is designed as per style required feels awesome. Here are some of the best dressing patterns to choose from and you can start sewing today.

Halter Dress Pattern: It's a simple and kind of Maxi Dress that is sure to be a choice of many. This dress is unlined. It sizes 0 to 18 on a fabric of 150cm. There's no zipper and buttonholes. No serger is needed for it.

Ruffle Off-the-Shoulder Summer Dress Sewing Pattern: Wearing a dress off the shoulder gives a sensual feeling. A soft flowing and light fabric are best for making the dress. The yardage needed for the main fabric is 2.5 yards. A light weighted material should be chosen for the lining. No sergers are required and there are no zippers.

Maxi Dress Sewing Pattern: It feels great in the long woven maxi dress. This is an all season style and favorite of many. When designed with satin, it can be a graceful bridal gown or a prom dress. It can be summer dress if worn casually all summer long. A light mid-weight woven material should be used for making this dress. No serger is needed but zigzag can be used. It has an invisible zipper at the middle in the back.

Halter Maxi Knit Dress Sewing Pattern: This style offers a beautiful neckline with the beautiful waistline. The waistline hides part of the waist and gives a great fit. They are best as an everyday dress. When worn with sandals, it gives a good summer look. It does not require sergers. A lightweight jersey fabric is best for this pattern. There are no zippers.

Classic Dress Pattern: This pattern is great in prints like polka dots, floral or stripes. These are perfect for travel wear and apt for business meetings. The fabric should be light mid-weight made from cotton or polyester material. No sergers are needed. An invisible zipper is kept at the middle in the back.

Short Dress Sewing Pattern: This slim-fitted knit dress is favorite of many. There is a variety to choose from:- dots, prints, stripes or solids. This has a 3/4th sleeve, No sergers or overlock is needed when jersey or knits are being used. No zippers are there.

These were some of the dress patterns. Choose the best that's suits you and happy sewing.