Oct 18, 2016 359

Travel Essentials

After more than twelve years of using my Express No. 2 duffel bag and and Gentleman's Umbrella on more than a hundred trips, I find it interesting that people still stop me to comment on how great my bag looks. When I tell them that it’s more than ten years old and well-journeyed they look at me in disbelief.

Over years of traveling, there are certain things that I take with me whenever I travel. One of these items is my Ghurka Express. And if it looks like the possibility of rain, I always pack my Ghurka umbrella.

The Express is my essential carry-on when flying. I’ll throw my toiletries and electric shaver in it, as well as a change of clothes, just in case my suitcase doesn't show up at my destination at the same time I do. Add in my travel humidor for my cigars, my iPad, headphones, a book or two, and maybe a sweatshirt or sweater for the plane ride and I’m all set. Thus fitted out I have logged many, many trips over the last twelve years across America, Europe and Asia.

My Express and umbrella are also my essential road-trip companions. They fit nicely into my T-Bird, and accompany me and my wife as we explore New England. Top down, cruising through the countryside is definitely the way to see the northeast.

I guess this shows that if you buy a quality, classic product and take care of it, it will last for many years, and continue to catch the eye of people who appreciate quality and great craftsmanship.

With kind regards,

Kenneth L.