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Current Party Wear Georgette Sarees Fashion In India

With availability of sensuous patterns and designs, Georgette sarees are the wonderful creation of designers. They are the most renowned dressing because of their versatile looks without compromising on any note. These six yard long clothes provide you an elegant look with classy factors and ease of movement to the wearer.

Why Georgette Saree is current trend?

Want to wear something light weight, and ethnic that will give you adorable and exquisite look? If yes, then go for designer georgette saree, they will never fail to make you show stopper.

Here are the few reasons for getting hit of georgette sarees -

Lightweight Fabric

Georgette is a sheer lightweight fabric, often made of silk or polyester. This cloth is slightly more opaque and heavier than chiffon. Georgette is made from twisted crepe fibers which gives it a springy quality that makes it seem to move on its own.

Variety in single fabric

You have multiple options to opt from when you decide to wear georgette sarees. From plain georgette sarees to Printed georgette saris with elaborate zardosi and embroidery are the perfect choice to hit the party.

Easy to wear

Georgette sarees are easy to drape and always make you ready for party. This lightweight saree does not take more than 5 minutes to be draped. Carrying georgette saree is a fire-proof way to keep the sheer trend on point.

Perfectly accessories

The sophistication and high-class vibe of the georgette saree demands a similarly superior set of accessories. There are many classy accessories you can carry with your saree such as long earrings, bangles, neckpieces, anklets etc.

Easy to get Floral Applique

If you are looking for that floral applique look in a saree then, a georgette saree should be your first pick.

You must have encountered appliqués on vintage sarees or classic western dresses. You can easily transform a plain georgette saree into floral appliqués. Applique is basically an ornamental needle work in which pieces of other fabric or designs are sewn over a larger piece of cloth to form a definite or undefined pattern. The craft must need a clean edged floral fabric pieces and a basic knowledge of sewing and that’s all!

Easy to transform

You can give a tremendous beautiful look to your boring look georgette saree in an instant!

When it comes to flaunt your style with sarees, then most of the bolywood celebrities love to wear georgette sarees because of their versatile nature and comfort. From heavy embroided blouses to sleeveless color blouse, these sarees never leave any stone to unturn in the party.

So, next time whenever you are going to attend a party, do not forget to add the charm in your look by wearing georgette saree. You can shop party wear sarees online as there are many designer collection available.