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Charcoal Face Mask – Your Go-To Solution for Skin Woes

Our skin means so much to us. It acts like a mirror that reflects our health condition and how much we really care about ourselves. Skin woes are tough to ignore and in reality, one shouldn’t ignore them at all. There are numerous ways in which we can take care of our skin, especially our face. One of the latest trends doing rounds on social media is the use of a charcoal face mask. Applying a black sheet of the mask on the face, leaving it to dry and peeling it off later is an assured way of getting a clear and clean skin.

Charcoal face mask isn’t made of the charcoal you use in your barbeque, it is activated which means that it has been treated so that its absorbency increases. Before becoming popular in the beauty industry, activated charcoal was commonly used in hospitals for treating accidental poisoning as it has the ability to absorb any toxin before it can enter the bloodstream. When used on the face (in the form of a face mask) it works similarly to remove toxins, pollutants, dirt, and grime so that you are left with a hydrated and well-nourished face.

Why Charcoal Face Mask Is A Complete Solution

Activated charcoal face masks are really a complete solution for your face as it takes care of you in multiple ways. The highly absorbent quality of charcoal ensures that dirt and pollutants that seem invisible are removed effortlessly while allowing the natural oils to move smoothly all around the skin. Below we have listed some of the ways in which activated charcoal helps your face.

Cleanse Pores – There are innumerable pores on our face that remain undetected to naked eyes. These pores attract dirt which resides within making the skin look dull. The purpose of using any face mask is to ensure that the pores are cleansed. This is exactly what activated charcoal does. It pulls out all the dirt and hidden substances that are of no good to the skin.

Absorbs Extra Oil – Apart from the natural oils (which are essential for the skin) regular exposure to heat and pollution makes the face oily. This extra oil attract dirt making the face look unkempt and dull. By using charcoal face mask you can get rid of the extra oil so that your face looks fresh.

Exfoliates the Skin – When you apply a layer of charcoal mask on your face, it surreptitiously exfoliates the skin. It ensures that your skin is well scrubbed but in such a manner that it doesn’t pain you.

Summary: In this write-up, we talk about how you can get rid of your skin woes by making a charcoal face mask a part of your beauty regime.