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Buy online doormats that match the decor of your house

Think about it – which is the item in someone’s house that creates an impactful first impression – this often ignored piece of furnishing is the Doormat of course! Decorating a home is a daunting task, but most people forget to consider the importance of a doormat. A doormat discreetly creates its own mark about your decor taste and the general upkeep of your home by whisking away the grime and dust. Greeting your guests with a beautiful doormat is an understated home décor tip, and one should definitely plan for the right match. Thus, high-quality doormats are useful accessories, to bring your indoor-style out.

So how exactly do you determine what you need? It all depends on where the doormat is going to be placed and why it is needed. Doormats or floor mats as they are often referred to come in many different types, styles and sizes. In fact, besides taking into consideration the basic like style or pattern and color, one should always consider the surface area of the door-mat, on the basis of the area it will serve – for instance, one could use a textured or coarser surfaced, a non-skid doormat in high footfall areas around the house. If placing it outside your main door, adding a boot scraper or choosing a coarse material to help scrape the bottom of shoes is always a good idea depending on how muddy your yard is (consider Indian Monsoons).

Besides the main porch area or doorway, you should also place doormats strategically indoors including areas like kitchens, entryways and bathrooms– these areas mats are fashionable and functional additions. While these indoor floor mats are often decorative, they do serve a purpose, albeit different, depending on the room. It matters to remember that in kitchens, floor mats run the risk of lots of spillages and may also have to bear long hours of being stood upon and thus slightly cushioned floor mats are the ideal way to go. For busy households and people who are always on the go, it is highly advisable to opt for easy to clean materials like machine-washable cotton.

Another excellent décor tip is to change the doormat at the onset of a festival swiftly – it adds a dash of newness to the overall charm of your home. Be it Diwali, Christmas, New Year, Gudi Padwa, or the advent of rains – make sure your door-mat is in sync with the need of the hour.

These days with the plethora of online choices available, one can easily buy doormats online that match their design and color with one’s overall home’s décor. The possibilities are limitless. Some people love quirky quotes scribbled onto the door-mats while some opt for the classic single toned ones. It is advisable to coordinate the colors of your doormat with the sofa-set or your house walls, or you can choose for a doormat that matches or complements your home door’s color; in case you have a white-washed house - add a bright dash of color with your doormat. Make sure your doormat is inviting and don’t opt for too bold or repulsive color schemes. You may consider using basic geometric designs to stand out from basic plain-Jane mats.

A comprehensive collection of doormats online awaits users at and it serves the need of an Indian home very well with its sensible offerings at good quality and price bets. Whether you're looking for a doormat that adds to the warmth and style or something that can withstand an active household, they've got it covered.

So, go ahead add this simple and contemporary touch to your homes and welcome your guests with these doormats which you can buy online and create a lasting impression.