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Amazing Day tour to Allahabad


Allahabad, one of the ancient cities of India and now also renamed as Prayagraj is a colorful place and very well known for its impeccable heritage and age-old traditions. This beautiful place is full of beautiful temples and lively Ghats and bazaars, where we can get a lot of good stuff. There are various companies that provide Kashi tours & travels but not all of these provide packages in reasonable rates which is why it is important that you take the tour packages from the best companies like the Joshi tours & travels who expertise in providing the best Prayag tour package.

We at Joshi tours & travels provide all types of religious tours including the Kashi tour package with best quality services that help make your stay and traveling experience here in Allahabad memorable. I bet after taking our Allahabad tour packages you would want to visit this city again and again. There are various places in Allahabad that you must visit when you take tour package to this beautiful city, let us discuss these places in detail.

1. Triveni Sangam: This is one of the most important locations in Prayagraj, like the Ghats and Ganga aarti in Varanasi, which is the reason why many people take the Varanasi city tour package. Triveni Sangam is the point of confluence of the Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati River, which are considered to be the holiest rivers of India.

2. Shankar Viman Mandapam: This beautiful Mandir is located in the banks of Triveni Sangam and especially in the South Indian Style. The architecture of this temple is beautiful and when you take your Prayag tour Package you will get to visit this place and enjoy the beauty of this place. Our tour packages are designed keeping in mind to provide the best travel experience to our customers. We at Joshi tours & travels make sure that you get the best tours like the Prayagraj or the Kashi tour packages.

3. Allahabad Museum: This is one of the national museums and prime research centers for historians and other academicians. When you plan on taking the Allahabad tour Packages from Joshi tours & travels we will ensure that you get to visit this beautiful museum and you get to enjoy this place. You will definitely get to see a lot of beautiful places here in this museum.

There are various other places that you will get to visit when you take the tour packages from Joshi tours & travels, also we provide various other tour packages as well like the Varanasi city tour package. We have well-maintained vehicles and experienced drivers that ensure you get the best travel experience. We are recognized as the best Kashi tours & travels because of our continuous efforts to make your journey special.

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